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About Cheyanne Mallas PA

Cheyanne Mallas assumes the esteemed role of Chief Executive Officer. Her illustrious journey paints the portrait of an accomplished entrepreneur and esteemed Physician Associate, amassing a wealth of expertise spanning over 15 years within the realms of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery, with an unwavering focus on the captivating domain of bioregenerative aesthetics. A multifaceted professional, she boasts a diverse skill set that encompasses various domains, including business development, the art of crafting and cultivating training and education platforms, the adept creation and implementation of sales processes, and a remarkable track record of augmenting revenue streams with irrefutable success. Yet, her true mettle shines through in her unwavering commitment to delivering optimal aesthetic outcomes, seamlessly blending her profound knowledge with an innate passion for elevating beauty to unparalleled heights.

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Cheyanne Mallas

PA Cheyanne specializes in the realm of Cosmetic Dermatology, honing her expertise in the intricacies of facial optimization, structural rejuvenation, and the captivating realm of regenerative aesthetics. Her profound mastery extends to the meticulous art of Sculptra injections, encompassing both facial and bodily enhancements, positioning her as one of the preeminent Sculptra practitioners in the United States. Cheyanne also holds esteemed positions as a Key Opinion Leader within the distinguished Galderma Faculty, a GAIN Trainer, and an esteemed Speaker. Furthermore, she serves as a Peer-to-Peer Trainer and Speaker for Merz Aesthetics.


Her exceptional skills were duly recognized as she earned the accolade of being named one of the nation's foremost Aesthetic Injectors, an esteemed inclusion in the esteemed National Directory from 2020 to 2022. With a distinguished academic background, she emerged from the esteemed Weill Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Program, bearing a coveted Master's Degree in Health Sciences. Her linguistic prowess transcends boundaries as she fluently converses in both French and Italian.

Among her array of cosmetic procedures, Cheyanne harbors a particular fondness for the transformative potential of Collagen producing Biostimulators, namely Sculptra and Radiesse, artfully applying these techniques to both the visage and physique. Her profound conviction lies in the belief that the domain of Regenerative Aesthetics will indubitably assume a pivotal role in the future of Aesthetics, as our perpetual advancements enable us to invigorate the regeneration of both the structural foundation and functional essence of the skin and its supple tapestry. This unwavering commitment forms an indispensable facet of her ongoing research endeavors and clinical practice, aiming to manifest tangible manifestations of skin health that captivate the discerning eye with resplendent allure.

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