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Cheyanne Mallas PA Skin Health Tips - Will Heat Melt Your Filler?

Updated: May 29, 2023

To put it simply, in most cases, the weather is not going to affect your dermal filler results. Mainly this is because our body is an excellent insulator and does an incredible job at regulating our body temperature.

Should you avoid heat after injectables? After treatment, I recommend my patients avoid: • Saunas • Intense exercise • Alcohol consumption Why? Well - This is actually because the above may cause: -Swelling: Heat can worsen swelling. -Bruising: Blood vessels expand with heat, exacerbating bruising. -Diminishing Results: If you are around excessively high temperatures for a long duration (for example, if you go to the sauna or exercise excessively), your filler may break down more quickly. I also recommend not flying for 24-48 hours - this is not really to do with ‘altitude’ but ensuring you are close should you need follow-up. I also recommend sunscreen after injectables for my patients . Why? Well , We know that the sun can have detrimental effects on your skin: •Higher occurrences of melanoma and skin cancer. •Increasing amount of lines and wrinkles. •Producing a “leathery” effect in skin. •Dehydration (mostly associated with heat). •Changes in blood pressure (mostly associated with humidity). So no matter what injectables you have, ALWAYS best to protect your skin.

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